Terias McKlay is a novelist, artist, and self professed nerd who can't get enough of trash TV, rugby, comic books or poutine.

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About the Book:

Mariska Cooper is a twenty-two year old student/waitress by day, feared vigilante by night. She and her best friend, Lucas, are the Guardian team, a ragtag pair who battle the thriving criminal community in Toronto. Mariska, grieving the loss of her teammate and love of her life Lisa, throws herself into her work and focuses her mission on keeping the city safe.

Alana Pierce, a savvy businesswoman in a high powered oil company, pulls Mariska from her self-imposed exile and brings light back into Mariska’s life. But Alana holds secrets of her own.

Award Nominations:

Golden Crown Literary Society Best 'Debut Author' 2015

Golden Crown Literary Society Best 'Mystery/Thriller' 2015