Seven For A Secret: Season Two

With Paige out of the closet, she thinks A's hold of her has finally relaxed. She should have known, nothing in Rosewood stays secret for long.

Seven For A Secret: Season Three

With Mona unmasked and her family life in order, senior year is shaping up to be Paige's best ever. Until her least favourite letter of the alphabet comes calling.

Terias McKlay is a novelist, artist, and self professed nerd who can't get enough of trash TV, rugby, comic books or poutine.

Seven For A Secret: Season One

When Paige starts to receive mysterious texts, it turns her life upside down. Someone knows her darkest secret and Paige has to decide how far she is willing to go to keep it.

Arming Pasadena

When a critical missions goes wrong,  it's up to Sarah Connor and her team to find the weapons to arm a future rebel team and stop a terminator from changing John's future.